LogoTempest Legal Services Monaco (“Tempest”) is a unique law and advisory practice representing the sum of the skills of its highly experienced founding partners: Nathalie Tanzi and William Easun

Owned by its two partners, and with offices only in the Principality of Monaco, Tempest advises Private and Family Offices, Banks, Investment Advisers, Brokers, Regulatory Authorities, Corporations and Private Individuals alike.

Tempest focuses on all manner of Regulatory, Compliance, Training, Outsourcing and Governance issues in Monaco, including Financial Services and Banking Regulations, Anti-Money Laundering, and Data Protection.

Tempest advises on Monaco Immigration and Residence matters (Business and Individual), and how to move to and set up in Monaco, with an emphasis on the consequences of such relocation.

Tempest advises on Wills, Trusts, Foundations, and Estate and Tax Planning for Private Individuals and the Private International Law implications of a Monaco presence.

Our advice extends only to the non-contentious legal and strategic issues of our clients, whether in the Principality of Monaco or beyond.

Tempest works with and relies heavily upon a number of external professionals in Monaco and internationally (avocats, notaries, accountants, solicitors, barristers, trustees, private bankers, corporate service providers, and Family Offices).

Being wholly independent we are most pleased to receive instructions from law firms elsewhere which have need of Monaco-based legal counsel, to the extent the work comes within the ambit of our practice.

Tempest works very closely with Government and Regulators.

In Tempest we promote integrity, professionalism and confidentiality in our commitment to giving independent and valuable advice to our clients.

At Tempest we enter into written Terms of Business with clients at the beginning of our relationship, so that before we offer our advice and assistance we mutually agree our fees or their method of calculation, and clients know and approve how they will be charged before running up fees with us.

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