Private International Law Legal Advisers in Monaco

Many of our private clients come from multi-national families and must navigate private international law and conflict of law issues as part of their global wealth planning and structuring.

Our partner William Easun is renowned as one of the leading practitioners of private international law in Monaco, and advises clients on both cross-border challenges and Monaco residency issues, such as:

  • How to become a Monaco resident, and the implications and consequences of becoming a Monaco resident
  • Monaco immigration and visas
  • The difference between obtaining a Monaco Residency Card, and a Monaco Certificate of Residency
  • The effects of Monaco’s adhesion in 2008 to the Hague Trusts Convention (“The Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition” of 1985)
  • Monaco’s Private International Law Code of 2017 and its effects in matters of applicable succession law, national law election, wills, estates, trusts and capacity
  • Monaco’s default position in respect of applicable succession law, and Monaco reserved property rights considerations
  • National succession law and effects of an election by will to invoke it
  • Monaco Common Reporting Standard
  • The role of Renvoi
  • Monaco “Tax Residency”
  • Monaco and Double Tax Conventions and Exchange of Information Treaties


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